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The workshop links to the following areas of primary curriculum

  • Geography: Rocks and soil
  • Mathematics: Shape and space, Symmetry, 2-D shapes, 3-D shapes
  • Science: Environmental awareness and care, Light, Magnetism and Electricity, Materials and change, Plant and animal life, Properties and characteristics of materials, Representing and interpreting data, Science and the environment.

We also offer a more advanced workshop to TY students, including discussion about careers in STEM fields.

Contact us if you’re interested in learning more or would like us to visit your school.

  • +353 21 490 4570


“The group activities were excellent and well prepared. The children really enjoyed the morning and really learned a lot.”

“The workshop was very enjoyable for all children with a great range of different activities and was very interactive.”

Irish fossils

Students learn what fossils are, how they form, how to recognise common Irish fossils from thier cross sections and also about the environment of Ireland in the deep past through interaction with real and replica Irish fossils and puppets.

Fossil crime scene

By taking on the role of fossil detectives students work together to identify the fossil victim and determine the cause of death. Students learn how rocks contain clues that tell us how they were made and how this can be used to learn more about past environments.

Fossil chemistry

Students learn how to group objects by thier material properties such as fluorescence and magnetism, leaqrn how material properties can be used to solve problems and engage with activities designed to convey how different types of light (UV & X-rays) can help us learn about the chemistry of fossils.

3D printer

During the workshop students will interact with 3D printed fossil replicas. Students will also have the opportunity to watch our 3D printer in action during the duration of the workshop.

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